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Hi ! My name is Kit Latham, and I am a WordPress Developer SEO guy + Online Media Strategist. Contact

I put together this site for people to have a quick reference about helping define some of the buzzwords surrounding search engine optimization, paid search and WordPress.

All of the information you find on this site come from my own personal experience doing SEO and WordPress development over the last 6 years for clients large and small. This means that the information found on this site has been forged through the use of best practices ‘white hat’ SEO, following the continuing evolving ‘Rules of Google’ and Google’s changing algorithms.

Since Google does not publish this information, it has to be discovered through experience, a time consuming process that makes itself apparent only as Google indexes websites and web pages over time. Beware of ‘quick fixes’ and guaranteed solutions which make claims to put you on the first page of Google within days or weeks, for these ‘black hat’ techniques will only get your site and business banned from Google search.

Warning ! No legitimate SEO company will make any guarantee about natural search results.

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